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AlcoAlert ignition interlock device California

Ignition interlock device is the system that analyses alcohol content with one easy puff. With this ignition interlock device in California, you don’t ever need to worry if it’s safe for you to get out on the road. One short puff and you’ll know for sure that you can drive safely to your destination.


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Court Mandated Interlock Device in California

If you messed up and got pulled over for DUI, you might have been ordered by the court to connect an ignition interlock device California to your vehicle. No worries! We've got you covered! But don't wait to enroll with AlcoAlert!

As soon as we hear from you, one of our agents will describe how it works and recommend a low-cost program. We'll help you get back on the road!


Voluntary Enrollment with Ignition Interlock Device in California

Being responsible on the road means protecting your own life and that of others. Instead of waiting until you are "ordered" to install an interlock device in California, take the initiative and call us today! Parents? Are you worried about your teenage drivers? Or do you have a friend with questionable drinking and driving habits? Don't wait - call AlcoAlert today for professional advice and installation.


Fleet and Commercial interlock devices in california

If you have a fleet of commercial drivers on staff, you know the risks involved of a driver who is operating one of your company-owned vehicles under the influence. It's not in anyone's best interest to turn a blind eye. Enroll in our program that will cover your company vehicles. We'll work with your insurance carrier to reduce your costs.

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