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Who we are at AlcoAlert Interlock

At AlcoAlert Interlock, we take your safety and that of your passengers seriously. We provide interlock services that will help keep drivers safe as well as their passengers and other people on the road. We know that drivers don't intend to drive under the influence, but sometimes it's hard to judge when a person is capable of driving or should be prevented from operating a vehicle. This can happen after a night of partying or an innocent business lunch. Installing an ignition interlock device in your car or commercial vehicles will take out the guesswork by accurately monitoring alcohol levels.

Dependable Interlock Services

We stand behind our product and respond quickly to requests for interlock services. We are here to answer questions, give quotes and provide fast installation services to anyone who enrolls in our interlock services program. The paperwork for installation can be complicated, but we take care of it all. In the end, our ignition interlock device will save you money by helping you avoid DUI charges, jail time or even loss of life.

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Call us today and give us your personal details. We will review your information and driving history to provide the best possible prices for our services. Once installed, we will monitor the data on your interlock device according to requirements.

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