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Driving Safely with an Interlock Device in Sacramento

Just like anywhere else in the US, drivers in Sacramento are urged to be responsible and stay off the roads when they have been drinking alcohol. That can be easier said than done. Drivers don't always intend to drink when discovering the Sacramento sites, but even a glass or two of wine with lunch can be detected when stopped for a DUI check. DUI checks can pop up anywhere anytime, but with our interlock device in Sacramento you can drive worry-free.
As the state capital of the of California, Sacramento draws many visitors for business or for pleasure. The likely spots for tourists include the district of Old Sacramento, which reveals the history during the Gold Rush era. Other popular attractions are the California State Railroad Museum, which gives an overview of how the Transcontinental Railroad was built, and of course the zoo, with jaguars, cheetahs and crocodiles.

Court Mandated Interlock Devices

Sometimes a driver gets pulled over for a random breathalyser check and it turns up positive. In that case, that person might be ordered by the DMV to either get an ignition interlock device installed or stay off the roads. If that happens, it is not voluntary. We have a staff of agents in Sacramento who will help you out by quickly installing the system in your car. They will also help you handle the necessary paperwork, so you can get back out on the road. The ignition interlock system will ensure that no one drives the car if they have alcohol on their breath. When the court determines the system can be removed, we will handle that too.

Responsible Driving in Sacramento

Whether you're a visitor to the city or a permanent resident, you can stay safe on the roads by installing an interlock device in Sacramento. By making one phone call to us, we will take care of everything, including the paperwork. The interlock device will be installed in your car and anyone who wants to drive will need to take a minute to blow into the device. If there is no alcohol involved, the driver can start the engine and drive as usual. However, if the device detects alcohol, the engine will not start. In this way the driver, the passengers and innocent bystanders are safeguarded from the dangers of driving under the influence.

Retrieving Your Driver's Licence

If you've been stopped for a DUI check and your test came up positive, you most likely lost your license (among other things). If that is the case, the court might insist that you install an interlock device in Sacramento. The ignition interlock device will prove to the court that you are not driving under the influence and can help you get your license back.