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Need an Interlock Device?

The ignition interlock device is ideal for insuring that anyone driving your vehicle is not under the influence of alcohol. This is useful in many different situations for various reasons. Here is a summary of how the ignition interlock services is best used.


Mandatory Ignition Interlock Services

In this case, a person can be blocked by the DMV and/or the Court from driving a vehicle that doesn't have an ignition interlock device installed. In fact, once ordered, the driver must get special authorization for the interlock system to be installed or removed. We have local agents who can work through the complications and paperwork to get the unit installed quickly. In addition, our technicians will monitor the data every month or two as required.


Voluntary Ignition Interlock Services

Even when drivers are not required by a mandated program to install an ignition interlock device, many responsible drivers enroll in the program on their own. Some of the reasoning might be monetary. A first time DUI offense can easily mount up to $13,000 and a second offense costs even more. Add that to possible jail time, loss of driver's license and a bad driving record, and it makes sense to take advantage of ignition interlock services. In the same way that parents spend money on child car seats, seat belts and air bag protection, they are also willing to invest in this one item that can save lives. By limiting driving to tested drivers, everyone is safer.


Commercial Vehicles and Fleets

Any business that provides vehicles must take responsibility for the drivers. It's hard to tell when a business meeting might include a few cocktails, or a truck driver stops for a beer and pizza. Installation of the ignition interlock device will insure that only safe drivers get behind the wheel.

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